Prince Daniels Jr. Presents Game Beyond The Game


Purpose, Vision, & Mindset

Inspires elite athletes and those closest to them to discover their purpose and vision in life beyond the game.


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Game Beyond the Game

An Exclusive Community of Elite Athletes


Curated self-development online video content 


Virtual group & individual workshops, live Q&As


A platform to engage, inform, and empower athletes to find their purpose & vision

Luxury Events

Exclusive, luxury 2-day Events and 7-day Experiences

There are a number of transition programs focused
on how to manage your finances,
how to start your business, invest, etc.

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But NONE of that matters...
if your mind and spirit 
aren’t equipped with the right tools.

Why I created Game Beyond the Game


Marcus Gilbert

NFL Offensive Tackle, Arizona Cardinals

"I love being involved with Prince and want to spread this message to the world. Meditation is a medicine. "

Haloti Ngata

Former NFL Player, Superbowl Champion, 5X Pro-Bowler

"I love the concept and the why behind Game Beyond the Game and am looking forward for my wife and I to attend future events & experiences. I wish I had this when I was playing. "

Jeremiah Attaochu

NFL Outside Linebacker, Denver Broncos

"I love working with Prince because he is really passionate about what he does. Bringing meditation into the world of sports, on and off the field so people can succeed in life."

Enrollment for our membership is now open. Get access to new inspiring videos from amazing humans delivered right to your inbox monthly.


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