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Who Are You When Your Training Shoes Are Off?

You may have been reaching for the same pair of trainer shoes for years now. Has it been five years? Ten years? Or twenty years? Maybe you are reading this today because you have come to a point wherein wearing other types of shoes feels weird and uncomfortable. Perhaps you have forgotten that there is a life outside the gym, the stadium, the arena, the field, or the rink. Possibly you have forgotten your strengths beyond the game, and you are here to channel and rekindle this life and these strengths.


Listed below are five steps that will help you determine who you are outside of your athletic profession.



  • Visualize 



There are two reasons you are reading this: either you have achieved your goal, or you are feeling like your career is coming to its end. Take a seat, close your eyes, and visualize. There is a far-future ahead of you. There are more things out there aside from being an athlete. As you sit down, figure out what other things you are passionate about. Could it be fishing? Maybe music? Or is it fatherhood? Visualize this passion, and if it sparks, take notes. Write it down or type it up, it is critical to note your newfound passion. 


It is important to remember that you are not alone on this journey; you have friends to share this with. Impart some of your experiences with them. If it is meaningful to you, it will be meaningful, and at most inspiring for them.



  • Set Goals



As people would say: Dream big. You must dream big and set huge goals. Huge that it feels almost impossible to reach. You must feel so small compared to this goal and strive with all your might to become big enough for the goal. But, as you set huge goals, it is equally crucial to set attainable ones too. Establish goals attainable in a few weeks or a few months. Have attainable goals for minor celebrations of victory. 


Feeling victorious after achieving a goal will push you, and will motivate you more. This will make you believe that you can achieve other milestones outside sports. 



  • Look for Coaches and Mentors



This journey with your training shoes off, like sports, requires coaches and mentors too.


Aside from your coach within the athletic grounds, look for a coach that will help you achieve goals in life. Your coach will see through that you are aligned physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. They will be the ones on a constant check on your progress and process.


Mentors are ones that have been there and done that. Ideally, mentors are built around serendipitous friendships. Mentors are not hired or forced. These mentors live the life you are trying to achieve. Spend time with your mentor and absorb their stories and advice. Take these stories and advice into your heart, treat them as lessons. That gratifying and rewarding feeling as you move forward in your journey is not only for you, your mentor will feel gratified and rewarded too.


Finding a new coach and a new mentor does not mean dropping your old folks behind. If you are retiring, never think of falling apart from them. Keep in touch, never burn bridges. They have helped you before, and they will be there to help you in the future. 



  • Find the Right Circle



One reason you have made it as far as you are now in your career is the fact that you are in the right team, right influence, and right circle. It is important to surround yourself with people who share the same goals, mindset, and drive with you. If you cannot avoid, the least you can do is to spend less time with people who hold you back. They could be amongst your friends and family. 


You must recognize and be familiarized with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that you attract into your life whatever you are focused on. All your life you have attracted and spent time with athletes, which resulted in who you are today. The more you think about something, the more your brain subconsciously works on manifesting these into reality. Keep in mind to always attract positivity so you could produce positivity.



  • Thinking within



Gandhi said, ‘Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.’


Aside from your daily body training, you must also exert effort on training your inner self. This will help you walk with other types of shoes, other than your training shoes. Daily affirmations are impactful. Let these short but sweet positive statements be your daily fuel to keep the determination going. 


You could develop self-helping habits, like reading personal development books, or continuous fitness consciousness. If you are retired or retiring, keeping the exercise going, staying fit is essential for a healthy mind. Make sure you review your goals before you go to bed and start journaling your daily life. Journaling helps you reflect and monitor the entire process. A gratitude journal, particularly, will help you have a good night after an awful day. Bad days are still inevitable. Another important practice to get into is meditating and being mindful.


It is significant to be in touch within yourself, not just during this process, but in the whole of your life. Controlling, focusing, and redirecting your thoughts are things meditation will help you with. Whilst being mindful will help you stay grounded to your intentions.


All these practices will improve your memory and will keep you attentive throughout your life. 


Your sports game may see its ending soon, or farther, but the game of your life goes live your entire lifetime. Become a better person, not just a better athlete. Do not rush in taking these steps while rocking your loafers, ballet flats, or anything but your trainer’s shoes. The world is your oyster, dream bigger.


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